Pond and Water Design

Give your yard that special added touch with a pond or as we call it a water garden. Create the sound of a babbling brook or the beauty of Water lily’s blooming, frogs chirping or Koi gleaming in the sun.

Bob Lenc Landscaping uses the Aquascape Design system. We think their approach to water gardens is one of the best out there. Make sure you look at their web site; they have a lot of great information. The next paragraph gives you an idea of the Aquascape design philosophy.

Our one overriding philosophy with water features is to keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.)! We work with Mother Nature, not against her. Also, we do not make this hobby out to be rocket science. The results of this approach have allowed us to create the most user-friendly and beautiful water gardens found anywhere. The bottom line is this: The water gardening hobby is filled with misinformation reported as fact. The only facts you will read about and view on the web site are the ones that have been proven successful, year after year and time after time. Read it, learn it, try it and experience for yourself the way water gardening ought to be!

Visit the Aquascape Designs web site here.