Sustainable Outdoor Services

In all areas of our expertise, we strive to provide the most up-to-date energy-efficient and sustainable service options.  All of our services listed below will reduce the impact of your property on the local and global environment.  These options will also improve your property’s L.E.E.D. rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) given by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Green Services:

Residential and Commercial Rain Gardens: These gardens will reduce your property drainage problems and lessen pollution of lakes, streams, and ground water

Native Plant Landscaping:  Landscaping with plants that are native to your area and property type benefit you because they are well adapted to local environmental conditions, maintain or improve soil fertility, reduce erosion, and often require less fertilizer and pesticides than many other plants need.  This means less maintenance time and cost for our customer while keeping the native ecosystem intact.

Green Roof Gardens:  As the name indicates, these are plant beds installed on the top of commercial or residential roofs.  Aside from the obvious ascetic appeal in the city, these gardens help cut down on utilities by regulating roof temperatures, and they can substantially extend the life of your roof.

Organic and Non-Chemical Lawn Care Products:  Choosing this option reduces local water contamination.  Your yard stays safe for humans and pets no matter when the last treatment was applied.

Water Conserving Irrigation:  All of our irrigation systems are installed with water efficiency in mind.  Our systems use modern controllers, check valves, and water conserving layouts.  For more efficiency, we offer the option of moisture sensors and matched precipitation spray heads.

Rain Water Irrigation:  Another water conservation irrigation option we use is called a rain water, or rain barrel, system.  This option collects rainwater to use in place of your local water supply and can dramatically reduce your water bill.

Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting:  All of the lighting systems we install use low voltage, energy efficient light bulbs, and electrical fixtures.  The systems we install also include adjustable on-off timers and/or daylight sensors.